Monday, 29 February 2016

February 29th, 2016 is a Leap Day. 

This extra day is inserted to our annual calendar every fourth year.  The reason this is necessary is to keep our calendar in line with the four seasons.

The way I recall this, is that a full circle around our sun requires 365 days plus 6 hours. In four sequential years using our 'Gregorian calendar,' we have an additional 24 hours, throwing the calendar off by one day. If that were continued, the first day of spring would eventually become May 1st and beyond.

What I have learnt since is the seasons remain the same regardless of how we identify time. Though in an agricultural world to keep 'man-made time' in parallel to the sequence of the seasons, it seems fitting every four years to add one day.

If you are one to look out there into the vastness of the Big Sky.

And vision all those cold, empty, barren planets out there. It should make each, humbly appreciate the potential piece of  paradise the universe has given us.

Often daily choices we make are based upon what we believe to be true, but in all honesty can in fact be assumptions. The truth is that even though we have some amazing technologies, we really know very little about our little old planet, Earth. And 'our' place in the universe.

Throughout all of time until about 1500 AD, mankind believed that the Earth was at the center of the universe. And that the Sun and Planets all rotated around the earth. But around 1500AD a scientist named Nicolaus Copernicus (Pisces) presented a theory that the earth actually rotated around the Sun.

And as time went on, most scientists started accepting this theory as being a fact. But the truth in the room is that it was never actually proven to be true. In fact, to this day is still unable to prove whether the Sun rotates around the Earth or the Earth rotates around the Sun.

Imagine if you were a scientist comfortable in your middle age, and were to find out that all the data you presented to the world was in fact wrong. What would you do? Would you stand on the top of a mountain and shout it out to the world, or would you choose to go along with the skeet and hope nobody noticed it until you were safely "retired"?

When asked, even Albert "don't touch my hair" Einstein said he wasn't really sure if his theories were correct because they were based on other theories.

Don't get me wrong ...I do not know one way or another if the Sun rotates around the Earth or the Earth around the Sun. That is not the point. What I am suggesting is that as we go through our lives at this current time, this planet energy is asking each one of us to question what we assume to be facts.

Could science and politics be leading us in the wrong direction? 

Could it be that ancient civilizations had known more about the true nature of the universe than we do today? The reason for saying this is, throughout history, its seems always to have a handful of leaders that are hell-bent on leading the masses to war and conflicts in an endless pursuit of power and control.

Right this moment there are over 300 wars going on this planet. The fact of this matter is we should have Lot's of questions, but few do. Even when presented with a truth, it seems denied by a majority who choose to hold tight to a paradox-ed theory, or ... divine intervention itself.

Getting past the illusions and getting ourselves back to the real heart of the matter. Of doing what we do with excellence for no other reason than because we can and because we choose to do so. This is about realizing, or remembering that each of us are really just "cells" in a larger overall body. We all have our own special talents and abilities that are meant to be shared with each other so we All grow and prosper.

Back to the leap day theory ...

And for those of us old enough to remember Li’l Abner cartoons are aware that on February 29th is the one day every four years that a woman can officially propose to a man. The reason behind this tradition probably dates back to Victorian times, although Irish legend locates it in the fifth century with a deal struck between Brigid of Kildare and St Patrick.

Since February 29th was a date with no legal standing, conventions could be overridden with a clear conscience. Although if the man declined his lady’s proposal he had to buy her twelve pairs of gloves to cover the embarrassment of her lack of an engagement ring.

At the end of the day, February 29th 2016 essentially is a free day on the books. Perhaps giving each of us this free time to question what we assume to be fact.

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