PM Stephen Praises Henry Kissinger: Canadian Federal Elections 2015

Stephen Harper accepts World Statesman of the Year award

“On Sept 28th, 2012, Prime Minister Stephen Harper was in New York City to receive an impressively named award — the World Statesman of the Year — bestowed by a U.S.-based inter-faith group.

Former U.S. secretary of state Henry Kissinger, himself a 1999 World Statesmen of the Year awardee, gave a glowing introduction to the prime minister. He characterized Harper as a bold global leader with sharp instincts, and as a politician who stands by his convictions.
“Prime Minister Harper has played a very important role by developing his own views, having the courage to affirm them, even when they are not shared by all the consensuses that exist, and being proved correct by events,” Kissinger said.

Taking to the stage, Harper told Kissinger he was a longtime admirer of the U.S. Nobel laureate.”

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