Kathleen Wynne needs to go, sign the petition, tell her to resign.
Brian Lilley
Rebel Media

More Liberals are facing corruption charges, but remarkably not Wynne.
Instead we have David Livingston and Laura Miller, respectively the Chief of Staff and Deputy Chief of Staff to McGuinty in the time before he resigned to make way for Wynne, both facing charges over the deletion of emails, the wiping of hard drives, the destruction of records in the billion dollar gas plant boondoggle.
But Wynne has not been charged with anything, or held to proper account, even though we know that her name and her signature appeared on the document authorizing the negotiations and pay offs to Trans Canada for cancelling the original gas plant contract. Wynne’s signature is there because she was the chair of the Executive Council of Cabinet that approved the decision.
If Livingston and Miller are facing charges for deleting data, it's likely data that would implicate Wynne and her fellow cabinet members of wasting taxpayers dollars for partisan political reasons – like cancelling gas plants so the Liberal Party could save seats. If there are not charges for those actions then at the least Wynne has lost the moral authority to govern.
But that's not all: 
Last year during the Sudbury by-election Wynne sent two emissaries to speak to Andrew Olivier and offer him a job if he would drop out of the race. In recordings released to the public both Gerry Lougheed, a local Sudbury Liberal organizer and Wynne’s handpicked deputy chief of staff Pat Sorbarra are heard offering Olivier jobs if he will abandon his Liberal nomination bid. Both are heard saying they are approaching him on behalf of the premier or that they speak for the premier and yet remarkably only Lougheed is charged in that scandal.
Scandal is the word that is most associated with Kathleen Wynne. Gas plants, Sudbury and bribery, she was at the cabinet table for Ornge and e-health. She was the minister of education when the controversial sex-ed curriculum was developed alongside her deputy minister, close advisor and now convicted child pornographer Ben Levin.
This is a woman not fit for office and yet there she remains.
She has squandered or helped squander billions, she signed off on the gas plant cancellation, she helped use taxpayer money for Liberal party advantage – it is time for her to go.

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