The USA Debt clock has now been frozen for 21 days at the tune of 18 trillion dollars. Though the borrowing debt continues on a day to day basis, questions are being asked to how can this be?

The why they say is very complicated though we all know it is basic mathematics. The counties ability to borrow ration is done. The debt ceiling for USA to borrow on its citizenry is a little over 18 trillion dollars and that has now been exceeded.

It is also said to keep the bubble in place the slightest interest rate increase would blow the economy out of the water, real estate would take a dive as would vehicle loans. With a 2% increase in interest rates the world would see the entire house of cards fold.

The NYSE sits in a wobble under 10,000 having recently taken a total hit of more than 600 points. All while China is in discussion with other countries to encourage The Bric and its strength as the new world currency.  

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