The ChemTrail Puzzle

Consider the next time you turn your kettle on and watch it boil. Shutting it off you do not have a continuous flow of steam or this floating mist in your kitchen for hours after. It s the same for a contrail. Contrail dissipate as does the steam from the kettle. What you are seeing is Chem trails and this why they last for so long in the sky ...blocking out our sun.

United Nations Exposes Chemtrails. Are we Being Poisoned?

Ocean “Fertilization” – Governments Geoengineering Our Oceans With Industrial Waste,

How Arctic ice has made fools of all those poor warmest s.  Poles apart: in 2013, the year scientists had forecast that the Arctic would be 'ice free’, its thickness increased by a third. Polar Ice same as 1979  Climate Change Really Geoengineering?  

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