Media Party ISN'T Reporting About Poll on Refugees
Media Party leaves out key findings from poll on refugee crisis
Here's a tip: Whenever you see a poll cited in the media, take time to Google it and read the whole poll yourself.

There are a few things you should know about the Refugee Crisis that this video answers.
- Its being used to bomb the country the refugees are running from
- The war was started by the US, and those now crying about the refugees?
- The majority of the refugees are not Syrian, but the media are calling them all Syrian anyway.
- The gulf arab states won't let syrians in, they don't see them as arab and they'd rather give the money to ISIS
- Why doesn't Israel accept refugees
- Syrians want to go home , can you relocate them all?
- Syrians had a great life before the war began.
-Syria is said to be the birth place of civilisation

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