5 Ways you're being Eradicated - Dr. Claude Anderson
Dr. Claude Anderson on the 5 ways you're being eradicated

Dr. Anderson giving you the breakdown of how we as Black Americans are being eradicated by 5 strategic means: gentrification, privatization, metropolitan government, cool cities and increased targeted immigration. Please do not fall for the false concept of Blacks being racist, it is so stupid and ignorant to believe that when there is evidence all around you to the contrary. Stop being conditioned to believe that you can't do anything collectively for yourselves without it being racist. If that's the case every other ethnicity is racist except for us or there wouldn't be: China Towns, Greek Towns, German Towns, Russian Towns, Jewish Towns. In Dallas on Royal lane there is about a 2 mile strip of nothing but Korean businesses including 2 banks... is that racist? No, they are looking out for their own. We as Black people need to stop being so gullible and falling for these weak psychological games that are used to hold us back. And if there those among us who aren't sharp enough to see through the fog of lies that are being used to misguide us, then oh well, they have to be left behind because we don't need people playing for the other team in our huddle. "When there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can not hurt you." We need to get rid of all of those. For real. Only you and I can do for you and I. As a collective whole we have power, but we have to rid ourselves of everyone that doesn't have the capacity or courage to help us move forward as a Nation. #NoDoubleAgentsAllowed #CoonFreeMovement

Posted by Consciously Aware on Tuesday, October 6, 2015

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