'Allahu Akbar!': Migrants rampage, attack police
 Despite the best efforts of CNN, the BBC and other media giants to paint the European migrant crisis as a spontaneous humanitarian crisis fueled by Syria’s civil war, evidence continues to mount to the contrary. On Wednesday full-fledged riots broke out at Hungary’s border with Serbia, where Hungary had just this week finished work on a razor-wire fence to keep the migrants from pouring into its sovereign territory. About 1,500 migrants broke through the fence and were rioting, chanting “Allahu Akbar!” while throwing rocks and bottles and even food at police.
Police responded by using tear gas and water cannons to push back the surging crowd. At least 20 police officers were injured in the rioting, which followed Hungary’s declaration of a state of emergency on Tuesday.

The rioting and chaos at the Hungarian border is raising eyebrows on both sides of the issue.
This is not the way true war refugees act, say those who have seen the horrors of war.


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