The Ten Commandments

The fuss over the Ten Commandments monument in Oklahoma highlights an absurdity and speaks so loudly about our condition. Here's a picture of the monument.

At a glance, many will see the glowing eye in the triangle and the eagle and flag and assume that it's merely patriotic. Likewise, what is perceived as the Star of David will be considered Jewish and the Chi Rho cross will be taken as a Christian emblem. Well, sure, who else would be interested in promoting the ten commandments but Jews and Christians, right? But, something rather important is being overlooked. Actually, pretty much everything is being overlooked.

If you can interpret the symbolic imagery, the monument is entirely offensive, an abomination, and it should well be removed and destroyed. Are you familiar with the Sodomite Gateway series? Can you see that the monument is an anatomical model? The hexagrams are magical sigils. The Chi Rho is a pagan XO MOB symbol. As X (chi) R (rho) it's a variant of the Rx, the eye of Horus and sigil of Jupiter. The decorative bands that frame the monument's text are pillars marked with repeating XO symbols. The two shapes assumed to be tablets bearing 5 commandments each are Masonic Royal Arse, eh, Arch images, squared circles, dimensional portals and the two eyes flanking the central third eye, of Horus. The bird flying out of the butt is Amaru, the feathered serpent, aka Horus.

What are the top 2 commandments listed? What a flagrant violation. What an offense. What a spell of blindness there is over our land. Oh, we so need humbling!

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