Justin Trudeau says communist China his favourite country.

Ezra Levant of says that Justin Trudeau wasn't kidding when he said communist China was his favourite country.

Trudeau’s transition team is being led by a top China lobbyist in Canada named Peter Harder. Besides being president of the Canada-China Business Council, Harder is on the board of directors of Power Corp.

That’s the massive company that was the power behind the throne of pretty much every Quebec politician for a generation.

Power Corp also has huge government contracts in Communist China, including, for example, the contract for the Beijing to Tibet railway — a political project designed to swamp Tibet, by bringing in millions of ethnic Chinese settlers, to stamp out any lingering Tibet culture or politics.

Power Corp run by the billionaire Desmarais family. Andre Desmarais, the president of the company, married Jean Chretien’s daughter. Chretien went to work lobbying China literally within weeks of stepping down as prime minister.

So forget about civil liberties or democracy being part of the Canada-China discussion now that Trudeau is in 24 Sussex.

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